A six-week Masterclass. From describing the formation of the terrestrial planets to investigating the origin of water on our own planet, the Museum's scientific staff peer deeply both back in time and outwards into the universe. During this course your lecturers will guide you through the rocky bodies in our solar system, revealing how cutting-edge scientific techniques are demystifying comets, how Mars will be explored over the next decade, and how Museum scientists are poised to contribute to staggering scientific discoveries thanks to their involvement with upcoming missions to the Moon, the moons of our closest astronomical neighbours, and asteroids floating within our solar system.

A six-week Masterclass. Life on Earth has an intricate history of origins, adaptations, radiations and extinctions but with every new discovery our understanding of the evolution of life becomes clearer. During this masterclass you will join a team of Museum researchers and curators as they highlight six moments in the 500-million-year evolutionary history of complex life on Earth, from the beginnings of animal life itself, through the greening of the planet, all the way to the evolution of modern mammals and their subsequent diversification even back to the water whence all life arose.